Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the JEK Corporate Office will be limiting in-person appointments. If you have interest in an apartment, please email us at information@jekproperties.com. We have virtual tours available and can handle all of your leasing needs electronically. To ensure continued safety, we ask that if you do need to visit us, please call ahead to schedule an appointment to limit the number of people present.

Bringing you home!

Locally owned and operated, JEK Property Management, LLC believes in creating friendly communities. 

Awarded by the Apartment Association of South Central Wisconsin, we have quality apartments for rent at convenient locations in the Madison area.

We offer many apartment choices from beautiful 1-bedroom apartments to large 4-bedroom duplexes. We can find the right place for you to call home.

Here is what our tenants have to say about JEK PROPERTIES:

I just wanted to let you know how much I have loved living at 902 West Badger Rd. Everyone has always been super helpful and we really appreciate it. In a city where you hear horror stories about crappy rental management properties, and as someone who lived under a slumlord for 2 years, ya’ll are doing an outstanding job running this property.


Thank you guys for being such great landlords.  We’ve been with you since my 8-year-old daughter was 2!  Although I always considered this apartment a temporary place (that turned out to be way less temporary than I thought!), we made so many memories here!  I really appreciate how responsive you guys have always been when something needed attention.  People can’t believe it when I tell them how quickly things get done!  I’ll miss having that convenience, for sure!   

Sarah B

I wanted to take a moment to write you about my pleasant experience with Sarah Hennes. I do not often write letters such as this so you should know that Sarah has truly been wonderful! I am from Ohio so making an apartment selection from this far away has been a challenge. Sarah has gone above and beyond to help PJ and I in our apartment search. She emailed back and forth with me in the weeks leading up to my visit Madison in order to make sure that we had several showings that matched our needs. On the day of, she was very thorough and even took extra time to show us a building that was not originally on the itinerary. After our visit, Sarah answered over 35 questions (Seriously!) in email so I could better understand the lease. We have also had many phone calls where she has been very patient and helpful. It has been a pleasure working with Sarah and thus by extension, JEK Properties. Sarah should definitely get employee of the month! Truly, I’ve put her through the ringer and she was nothing but a trooper. 

Rachel L

I have lived at the JEK properties for about a year now and my experience has been amazing. The staff is very friendly & helpful. They go above and beyond to keep their tenants happy! Maintenance is very friendly and comes in a timely manner. I couldn’t be happier & have renewed my lease. Highly recommend. 

Nicole K

JEK Properties is a well oiled machine. That has a superb maintenance staff and inviting offices staff. The owners definitely have things figured because the level of service is unmatched anywhere else in Madison when it comes to property management. Keep up the great work! 

JEK Tenant

Thank you for being an awesome property management group.

Kula Y

i moved into the Ridge Apartments. I can’t think of a more fitting place to live. The day I moved in there was a tote bag. thought the cleaning crew left something behind. it had paper plates, paper towels, utensils, drinking glasses, packets of salt, pepper and sugar. then in the freezer there was a pizza. I was so tired after the move I didn’t even feel like going to get something. Then about 2 month later I had cortisone shot in my knee I couldn’t even lift my leg off the floor. the apartment complex put in a railing for the 3 steps I walk up making life more manageable for me. Thank you everyone. The office people are so nice and helpful. the neighbors are really nice saying a quick hello or good morning. helping when ever needed. I feel safe, & at Home.

Diana T

I really loved that my first night here, there was a pizza in the freezer waiting for me so I didn’t have to cook. Management is prompt and professional.

Roxie H

Loving the staff. If anything is broken, its fixed that day. Management is super friendly and my apartment is great! Its clean, friendly and well kept here at Southview Apartments on Ann Street!

Mandie K

I love JEK! They actually care about their residents and this was by far the best company/landlord I’ve ever been with. I can’t see anyone being able to top them. They’re the best!! Sad I had to move and be with a different company but hopefully one day I’ll be back

Ivy K


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